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Learning Ahtna with minimal English and we are gaining momentum!!!

Makayla “getting TQ’s thrown at her”!

Eager to start our Ahtna language workshops, we are building on the foundation of how not use English. With the use of WAYK techniques, we are hearing more and more Ahtna nekenaege’ (our Ahtna language) and less English in our classes! It is important to use the “Target Language – Ahtna” and not have our progress interrupted with the use of our primary language “English”.

They found it!
They found it!

Tsin’aen to our special first-time guest who actually came into class speaking some Ahtna! With just 1 trip to the Anchorage Zoo, Makayla (niece of Eric Larsen and Rosie Bayless), walked into the Anchorage Ahtna group knowing some Ahtna vocabulary and how to speak in some full sentences! While at the Zoo Makayla heard her cousins N’Kara and Barbara speaking with their Mom (Rosie Bayless) talking in Ahtna. Wow, Makayla did great learning Ahtna nekenaege’ and competing in the “Ndoxe Game”!

It is the goal of the Ahtna language group to learn more and more Ahtna and that everyone in the group is able to teach each other and others the Ahtna language! We are developing charts and strategies to speak more of our Ahtna language and testing to advance in speaking the Ahtna language!

Special tsin’aen to Judi Houghton and Rosie Bayless for continuing to be faithful to our Ahtna language classes! Anchorage Ahtna Language Group


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