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The Fairbanks ALLS Meetings to start soon!

With fishing season and hunting season wrapping up, we will start scheduling the Fairbanks ALLS meetings. Ahtna Koht’aene who are enrolled in the ALLS (Ahtna Language Learners and Speakers) Program will be present at the Fairbanks ALLS Community Meetings.

The Community Meetings are an opportunity for other Ahtna Koht’aene, who are not involved in the program already, to participate and experience what is happeningh with the Ahtan Language! Come on out “Aani da!” Let’s go “Nastudaeł!” ALLS Members will be presenting and demonstrating what they have learned and their future Ahtna interests.

This will be a potluck style event. There will be food, fun, games, and singing! Please bring your elders, cousins, friends, and children. Keep an eye out for these exciting events! Tsin’aen Koht’aene!

June 2016 Fairbanks ALLS Meeting – Meeting place provided by the IBEW Local 1547 LU 102

The ALLS Program is a dedicated group of Ahtna Language Learners that are determined to become fluent speakers of the Ahtna Language. Their dedication, passion and commitment to learning Ahtna is evident through their continual membership in the ALLS Program! Tsin’aen Fairbanks ALLS Koht’aene!

Anyone who is interested in attending, participating, or joining the ALLS Program is encouraged to contact your Athna Tribal Village Council. The Native Villages of Cantwell, Chickaloon, Chistochina, Chitina, Copper Center, Gakona, Gulkana, Mentasta, and Tazlina have all been contacted and informed of the ALLS Program. You can find their contact information on the “Contacts Page”.

Tsin’aen. ‘Axona’!

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ALLS – Ahtna Language Learners and Speakers – Program – It has begun!!!

TAHF_Thursday_12022015 (58).JPG

The ALLS Ahtna Language Learners and Speakers – Program just received its first Ahtna Village Commitment! Tsin’aen CNC and CTIVC of Tsedi Na’ (Chitina) for being the first to pledge your support to this effort to continue the Ahtna Language!

AHF_THURSDAY_09.23 (76)

All 8 of the Ahtna villages, and Chickaloon, have been contacted in regards to this program. The main goal of ALLS is to create a language nest so large that it encompasses all of the villages of the Ahtna Koht’aene (people) and beyond! With all of the villages of our Ahtna Koht’aene participating – Cantwell, Chickaloon, Chistochina, Chitina, Copper Center, Gakona, Gulkana, Mentasta, and Tazlina – we will start to see a huge shift in the future of Ahtna in our lives, so long as WE MAKE IT OUR PRIORITY daily. There will also be ALLS hub groups in Anchorage and Fairbanks!

Did you know that Talkeetna is actually an Ahtna name? It is even sounds close in Ahtna! Taagi’ Na’ (Taw-geet Na)!  Talkeetna (Three Rivers) literally translates to Taagi (3) na’ (Rivers) and it is in the Western Cantwell Ahtna dialect!

Meeting locations will be determined by villages that commit to the ALLS Program. The program has been outlined and will we will start accepting members shortly!

It is exciting to see what has happened, is happening, and what will happen when Ahtna Koht’aene pick up their heritage language and make it a part of their everyday lives!

Aennnnn! CVITC (Chitina Village  Tsin’aen Tsedi Na’ (thank you Chitina) for being the first village to make your commitment to the ALLS Program! With a collective continual effort being made in the Ahtna language, the goal is to see a swift change in the fluency of Ahtna people and to make our language a main focus in our everyday lives!

Have you ever wondered why our Ahtna Elders laugh so much when they speak in Ahtna? It is fun! Na’studaeł! “Let’s go” Ahtna Koht’aene!

Please contact Grant “C’edahwdełdiixen” Rebne with any questions on how to you can be a part of the ALLS – Ahtna Language Learners and Speakers Program! Tsin’aen.




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Learning Ahtna with minimal English and we are gaining momentum!!!

Makayla “getting TQ’s thrown at her”!

Eager to start our Ahtna language workshops, we are building on the foundation of how not use English. With the use of WAYK techniques, we are hearing more and more Ahtna nekenaege’ (our Ahtna language) and less English in our classes! It is important to use the “Target Language – Ahtna” and not have our progress interrupted with the use of our primary language “English”.

They found it!
They found it!

Tsin’aen to our special first-time guest who actually came into class speaking some Ahtna! With just 1 trip to the Anchorage Zoo, Makayla (niece of Eric Larsen and Rosie Bayless), walked into the Anchorage Ahtna group knowing some Ahtna vocabulary and how to speak in some full sentences! While at the Zoo Makayla heard her cousins N’Kara and Barbara speaking with their Mom (Rosie Bayless) talking in Ahtna. Wow, Makayla did great learning Ahtna nekenaege’ and competing in the “Ndoxe Game”!

It is the goal of the Ahtna language group to learn more and more Ahtna and that everyone in the group is able to teach each other and others the Ahtna language! We are developing charts and strategies to speak more of our Ahtna language and testing to advance in speaking the Ahtna language!

Special tsin’aen to Judi Houghton and Rosie Bayless for continuing to be faithful to our Ahtna language classes! Anchorage Ahtna Language Group

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Ahtna Language Field Trip!!!

The Anchorage Ahtna Language group had a great meeting and field trip to the Anchorage Bass Pro Shop!

Ahtna Language Group
Ahtna Language Group

We built on our learning and Ahtna understanding with the completion of the first learning block in our program! All the students have demonstrated that they understand this block and soon they will test to show that they can teach it themselves!

We enjoyed a night away from the classroom putting our Ahtna language into action with Ahtna language immersion at the Anchorage Bass Pro Shop!

Ganni yidintaey?
Ganni yidintaey?
Gaanen łu _____.
Gaanen łu _____.
Anchorage Ahtna Language  Group Field Trip to the Anchorage Bass Pro Shop
Anchorage Ahtna Language Group Field Trip to the Anchorage Bass Pro Shop
Gaanen łu _____!?! We don't have a word for Polar Bear do we!?!
Gaanen łu _____!?! We don’t have a word for Polar Bear do we!?!

We hope that you can join us next time at our July 29th meeting!

Tsin’aen! – Grant “C’edahwdełdiixen” Rebne